Sunday 16 October 2011

Skipton - Second time round

Day 2

It's not the first time we've been to Skipton and it's not the first time I've blogged about this place, yet it was the first time we had visited it on a Sunday. Sundays can be a bit hit and miss for random trips to northern towns, however we weren't disappointed with Skipton.
Stupidly I'd forgotten to pack my waterproof jacket for our trip and although Saturday was a lovely day Sunday was not - the Yorkshire Dales was drizzle central. So the priority was to purchase a cheap waterproof jacket. Thankfully Skipton had some outdoor outfitter shops to sort me out. The first one, near the canal, was very expensive and some of the coats cost as much as an iPad - so I passed on that shop. There was another shop in the town centre where I managed to pick up a cheap waterproof for £9.95 - bargain!
Anyway we had parked in the steep car park near the canal. Luckily we chanced upon a farmers market that day, which had lovely local produce on offer. After salivating round the market we headed off into the town centre. Surprisingly there were a number of shops open, including most of the charity shops - result! There was nothing of interest for Neil, but it was nice to have a browse without the madness of the Saturday shoppers.
Another good thing about Skipton on a Sunday is the distinct lack of the general market on the main street. Every Saturday there is a general market, which is always packed and located far too close to the pavements so it is awkward for pedestrians to pass. On a Sunday Skipton is a much more chilled place and actually a more pleasant place to be. We found Emma's Apothecary and Homestore which is in a shopping arcade off the main street. It is a great place to get reasonably priced Christmas gifts. I got a couple of bars of lovely scented soaps and Neil got a catnip toy for Sam the cat.

I've always found Skipton a nice place to go and on a Sunday it is very relaxed, although it's best to get there after 11.30am if you want to indulge in some shopping. Okay so you do miss out on the local butchers, the bakers and some of the mainstream shops that are closed, but if you are like myself and hate the hubbub of the Saturday shopping Sunday in Skipton is bliss...

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