Sunday 23 October 2011


Day 2

Ingleton was my favourite place on our trip to the Yorkshire Dales.  Its stone viaduct and pocket sized loveliness were delightful.

First thing to note is that you can park on the street on the edge of town, thus avoiding parking charges in the local car park.

The second thing we found out was that particular weekend there was a Folk festival on and we did spot some musicians go into one of the local pubs to set up.  I like to see these country towns celebrating things, be it food, literature or the arts.  It's a great way to import a little bit of culture for the locals who often have to travel to the cities to get their culture fix.  I spotted on the notice board in Grassington there was a theatre club which did group trips to northern theatres.  Putting on these local events is a cunning way to attract tourists into the town and spend their cash.  Given how pretty Ingleton is, I didn't mind.

Thirdly, I discovered why the charity shops in the Yorkshire Dales were not that exciting - there was a vintage shop called  Fanny's Vintage Retro & Antique Home Style.  They must trawl through the local charity shops regularly to stock their lovely shop.  I found the most gorgeous tan leather vintage handbag and flower brooch.  I did manage to extract myself  from the shop without purchasing them, however I did ask myself that fateful question 'would I regret leaving these in the shop?'  The answer was 'yes' and I went straight back in and bought them.

Fourthly, quite a few of the shops were open on a Sunday, so it is worth a visit.  There was a Geology shop selling all things minerally and crystally.  Whilst the shop was definitely on the geology side of the old mystical crystal debate, there was a new age CD on in the background - so I reckon the owner was hedging his bets with his clientele.  There was also a cafe-cum-outdoor pursuits shop called Inglesports and it was packed full of bikers - I do love to see shops diversify into cafes.  There plenty of other cafes to choose from too - so whatever your tastes you'll find a place to eat.  There is a blink-and-you-will-miss tiny little cake and coffee shop called Frumenty and Fluffin.  It appeared to be selling the most lovely cakes - sadly I was still stuffed from breakfast to indulge.  So next time I'm in Ingleton I will stuff my face here.

Ingleton is a twee-fabulous place to visit!  Apparently it is a good base for all things outdoorsy like walking, cycling and caving - not that you will catch me doing such daft stuff like that.  So whatever your tastes, Ingleton has plenty to offer.

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