Sunday 10 November 2013

Kendal - Part Two

On our trip we have been revisiting different places and Kendal is one of those places.

I do worry about the town, in recent years it has become much quieter.  It was the last Saturday of the month and I was hoping to see a bustling town, but sadly not.  Where do the shoppers go if they don’t go to Kendal?  I’m mystified.
We parked in our usual pay and display spot near the Abbot Hall Art Gallery.  There was a bit of a nightmare with the pay and display machine as it wasn’t issuing tickets.  On previous visits we did notice they were very sharp with the parking tickets.  After an abortive attempt at phoning through to pay on the automatic payment system we just got tickets at the art gallery car park and hoped the parking attendant wouldn’t notice.
As ever there were plenty of charity shops, but they contained nothing too exciting.  We have noticed that a number of vintage / antique shops have sprung up and I can’t help but think they are regularly trawling the charity shops for goodies and reselling them at a much higher mark up.  That said we did find a vintage shop called ‘Junk and Disorderly’ and had a look.  I spotted some old music magazines called ‘Zig Zag’ from the 70s and 80s and pointed them out to Neil for a laugh.  What I didn’t expect was that he bought all 28 of them.  At least they did give him a discount for buying in bulk.  The magazines turned out to be a blessing in disguise, not that they are worth a fortune, but because of Neil’s enforced digital detox the Zig Zag’s kept him occupied during the holiday.
Kendal is full of empty shop fronts and I don’t expect them to be filled that quickly given the lack of shoppers.  Although it was nice to see the open air market in full swing selling not only the usual stuff but also local crafts and food.  Make sure to check out the little yards off the main street, as that’s where the interesting independent shops can be found.  How they keep going is anyone’s guess.
Public information alert!  The only public toilets I could find were in Westmorland ShoppingCentre.  Also the O2 signal is somewhat patchy – mainly GPRS, with a smattering of 3G if you hang outside a high window with the wind in the right direction.
Kendal – I do fret about you!  You’re a nice northern town in need of TLC, interesting shops and,  before I forget,  more shoppers. 

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