Saturday, 17 September 2011


Day 2

Ulverston - don't go here on a Sunday, the town is closed.  There is seriously nothing happening here.  It's not the most exciting places in the world when the shops are open, but on Sunday it's dead except for a couple of shops hoping to trap misguided tourists like ourselves.

We thought we'd get something to eat so went to the Mill at Ulverston.  To be truthful I can't recommend it.  The chips were half done - half the chips were cooked and the half the chips were not.  How can places get chips wrong?  It's beyond belief, but I've seen this happen before - the Blundell outside Horwich a prime example of how to do underdone chips.  I had a chicken and bacon sandwich and it was minging (to non northerners - horrible).  It was something you rustle up for a kiddies picnic - a soft bread bap (roll) you would get in a six pack from Asda, filled with one of those horrible pre-mixed chicken and bacon sandwich fillings swimming in mayo.  I left most of it as it was just so vom-inducing.  Neil's was better, but he had the same problem with the chips too.  We just couldn't get out of there fast enough, I even left my drink.

Quite frankly I was happy to leave this place.  So we made a speedy exit from Ulverston and hit the high road to Ambleside via Coniston.