Saturday 16 May 2009

Warrington: it's a bit boring

Yes, I'm sad to say Warrington is a bit boring. A few Saturdays ago I spent a dull afternoon in Warrington and well it just didn't excite me.

What can I say in it's favour? The council went a bit mental on the street art - all shapes and sizes that makes life different. There is a fab art shop with lovely 1950s signage, stripped wood flooring and a fab ambience.

What else? Lots and lots of roundabouts. Ikea - a joy to women and a hell to men. Half way between Manchester and Scouse land. The charity shops are okay - nothing brillant, but nothing too bad.

And the down side? It's very flat and it resides in a 1960s precient hell.

I could waffle on for a thousand words, but really only less than two hundred words will suffice. It's dull, so don't expect much - jump on a train as Manchester and Liverpool have much more to offer.


  1. Did you see the town hall and it's gates? They were meant for Queen Victoria, but for some reason she didn't want them and Warrington got them instead. Warrington Museum & Art Gallery sometimes has some good exhibitions on; I went to a great Ossie Clark one a few years ago there.

    They got a brand new shopping centre a few years ago, which reminds of the Oracle centre in Reading. The art shop was probably Edwin Allens - I've been in there plenty of times!

  2. I can't remember seeing the town hall gates as I was captivated by the range of street art. They must have got a lottery grant for that. I did love that art shop though - it did have a magical quality about it.


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