Saturday, 16 May 2009

Warrington: it's a bit boring

Yes, I'm sad to say Warrington is a bit boring. A few Saturdays ago I spent a dull afternoon in Warrington and well it just didn't excite me.

What can I say in it's favour? The council went a bit mental on the street art - all shapes and sizes that makes life different. There is a fab art shop with lovely 1950s signage, stripped wood flooring and a fab ambience.

What else? Lots and lots of roundabouts. Ikea - a joy to women and a hell to men. Half way between Manchester and Scouse land. The charity shops are okay - nothing brillant, but nothing too bad.

And the down side? It's very flat and it resides in a 1960s precient hell.

I could waffle on for a thousand words, but really only less than two hundred words will suffice. It's dull, so don't expect much - jump on a train as Manchester and Liverpool have much more to offer.